On this page you will find an overview of the programmes we offer. We always try to introduce programmes that meet the needs of all the young people we work with. If you have a suggestion about an area of need or would just like more information or to refer a young person, either complete the online referral form or drop us a line on our contact page. 

Born To Ride

This programme will start again in September - please send us your details so that we can get in touch when more details are available

Born to Ride is open to young people of all ages and their parents and carers. Don't have a bike? Not a problem we have loads but you will have to be prepared to fix them up to use them. There are limited places on this programme so please email or call us to register.


Group Numbers

  • 8 participants per group.


  • 6 x 2 hour sessions x 3 times per year.

Course Deliverables

  • To teach the young people and their families basic bicycle maintenance.

  • To give the participants the opportunity to complete a level 1 bikeability session for the whole family.

Organised cycling excursions for all participants to show families the off road and quiet routes suitable for family rides.

All our groups learn leadership skills, self discipline and team work.

Independent Living

Independent Living is a referral programme where young people are taught the life skills they need to lead independent and productive lives. 


Group Numbers

  • 10 participants per group.


  • 12 x 4 hour sessions x 3 times per year.

Course Deliverables

  • Cooking and nutrition.

  • Money and budgeting, including bills and shopping.

  • Health and hygiene.

  • Cleaning and decorating.

  • Phone and social media safety.

  • Form filling and signposting to relevant agencies (including housing, one stop etc…).

  • Cheap and innovative ways to furnish rooms - upcycling, use of materials, how to find useful items at market stalls.

  • Basic first aid.

  • Practical skills.

  • ASDAN qualification.

The Generation Game

The Generation Game has been designed to break down some of the prejudices and misunderstandings that exist on both sides of the generational divide.


Group Numbers

  • 8 seniors and 8 young people


  • 10 x 2 hour sessions

Course Deliverables

  • 5 x 2 hours sessions in: carpentry, textiles/fashion, engineering or cooking with the ultimate aim of designing and producing items that can be showcased at a community event.

  • 5 x 2 hour IT workshops led by young people.

Take Two

Take Two is a referral programme. Young people will get the opportunity of completing 6 weeks of either carpentry or motor mechanics before they swap.

Group Numbers

  • 16 participants per group.


  • 12 x 4 hour sessions x 2 times per year.

Course Deliverables

  • 8 young people start on woodworking for 6 weeks and 8 young people start with motor mechanics. After 6 weeks the groups swap.

  • Developing skills in Motorcycle maintenance.  

  • Developing woodworking skills in furniture restoration and up-cycling.

  • Access to level 1 or 2 OCN qualification.

Everyone learns basic life skills like cooking and taking responsibility

Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure is a referral programme using skills in carpentry and up-cycling to teach young people a new skill and also the idea that old doesn't mean bad. Not to mention the other like skills they learn.


Group Numbers

  • 10 participants per group


  • 1 x 4 hour sessions x 12 weeks (3 times a year.)

Course Deliverables

  • The basic skills of furniture up-cycling and restoration.

  • Development of social enterprise to sell the products they produce.

  • ASDAN qualification.

Motorcycle Maintenance

The motorcycle maintenance group is a referral programme.

Group Numbers

  • 8 participants per group


  • 2 x 4 hour sessions x 40 weeks

Course Deliverables

  • A level 1 or 2 Open College Network accreditation (OCN).

  • Fundamentals of motor mechanics.

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